Monday, February 2, 2009

Grasmere Estate Rhinebeck, NY.

Rhinebeck, NY
I've been making composite photographs and messing around with some different ideas. Here is one from the previous fall.
It opens different pathways in photographic and non-photographic levels of my imagination.


gina said...

Oh Alex,
I've seen these views a thousand times and it's never looked more beautiful and evocative. It was worth getting up at dawn wasn't it?
Many thanks. Keep up the great work

Colleen Cowan Dealy said...

It's like walking into a dream.

Emily Katelyn said...


Alexander Stawinski said...

Thanks for taking a look. I appreciate it!

katie said...

yes! i like it!! keep going with this kind of idea... i bet it will invigorate you.

Dan said...

The previous owners were about 10-15 families who used Grasmere as a primarily summer home. My great aunt and uncle were one of these families. I went up there several times and stayed when i was a kid. How strange finding it here. Boating in that lake was one of my greatest memories from there. Its nice to see it. Great picture.